Baby Bump

Now that I have a bump to photograph,
here are a few pictures of just that. :)

Fun Exercise

After spending my week in the office, I love to get outside on the weekends and do some walking! The weather was amazing this weekend so the beach seemed like a good idea. My sister, Felicia, came over and we took Divot down to Laguna Beach to walk around and have lunch. We got burgers and fries to-go off Ocean Avenue and took it to a bench near the water to enjoy the view. Afterwards, we stopped for some frozen yogurt, then headed home.
What a perfect afternoon.


What a night!

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,
Boy, what a night we had! When your daddy got home from a long day of work, I told him we had a busy day of running errands, and that I maybe overdid it because I wasn't feeling so good. He asked me when I had last felt you kick, and because I was so busy I couldn't remember. So, he brought us home dinner (he knows you love In-N-Out) and we rested on the couch for the rest of the night. Because you are such an active baby, especially after dinner, he was hoping to feel you kick and know that you had gotten the nutrition you needed after a long day. You must have been as tired as I was and decided you were just going to lie still and rest. Well you know what happened next... we went to bed, and daddy couldn't concentrate on his homework because you still hadn't you moved a bit. He followed us upstairs, sat next to us on the bed, and put his hand over mommy's belly for the next 45 minutes, talking to you and waiting patiently for you to move. I knew that you were sleeping peaceful like you should, but daddy was getting more worried by the minute. He finally decided to call the hopsital at 11:30pm to speak with the doctor on call to tell them how concerned he was for the two of us. He even put me on the phone to talk to the doctor (I'm sure you heard). All I wanted to do was go to sleep, so while daddy got back on the phone I begged you to just kick a little so that we could put his worries to rest. So, THANK YOU for waking up in the middle of your sound sleep and kicking daddy's hand, letting him know that you were perfectly fine. I knew everything was ok, we just have to remember to let daddy know sometimes. I hope you got a good night's sleep by the time we were left at peace at midnight! I was pretty tired today, but am going to take you to bed early tonight to get some extra rest.

Daddy may be a little extra watchful sometimes, but it's because he loves you so much! As do I.
Hugs and Kisses,

Belly Progression

We have been documenting the baby's growth by taking a picture of my belly every week. We started at 15 weeks and have been amazed at the changes. I didn't know if I wanted to post these pictures because some people might not want to see my bare belly. But Jeff and I have enjoyed them, and thought we would share. :)

See pictures below!

Belly Progression Pictures



Family members are telling me I haven't updated them in a while on here. I try to "blog" Saturday or Sunday while I'm home resting. For those of you who don't know, I work full-time with children, ages 4-14, with autism. My job is extremely fun and rewarding, but the familes take a lot out of me. By the time I get home on the weeknights, I use my last bit energy to make dinner (and dessert) and go to bed. So, your best bet is to check for updates on the weekends!

Whether I'm blogging or not, this baby just keeps growing! We just had our 6 month appointment, and he is as happy and healthy as ever. Jeff and I LOVE going to the monthly check-ups. It's so fun to hear his heatbeat and get new homework assignments. This time our doctor gave us a fetal movement monitoring assignment. I should feel him move 10 times in 1 hour. This won't be hard because he is a very active baby. We should have a good report card of his kick counts for the doctor at our next visit. Only 3 more appointments to go!


He's growing!

I LOVE this weeks baby size! At 22 weeks, he is now the size of a 1 lb. bag of coffee beans! Not long ago was he just the size of 1 single, little coffee bean. It brings me back to Christmas Eve when we announced our pregnancy to our familes, giving them each a wrapped up coffee bean. Click here to watch the video again!

21 weeks, 5 days

Ok, so more belly pictures have been requested, specifically of me not Jeff. :) These were taken last night before Jeff and I went out for a date. I love the picture with Divot in the background - he is never more than 5 feet away from us when we're home, as you can see. I haven't posted many pictures, because there's not much to show yet. Hopefully all the food I've been eating is a good sign that this little baby will be having a growth spurt soon!


I Love Food!

I can't get enough food lately! Within a 2 hour span tonight I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a pre-dinner snack, then fried rice and miso soup for dinner, then half a watermelon, then Reese's Pieces, then a lemon bar (I made them Sunday to fulfill a craving) then more watermelon... and I still want to eat more! I've decided to write and laugh about it, instead of eating any more tonight. :)

I never knew I could be this hungry! We have our weekly grocery list going on the fridge which started out with essentials like milk and soap, but now the list has just gotten laughable... I should rename it "Katrina's Cravings!" Or should I say baby's cravings. Here's a tiny example of the list: cheetos, chips and dip, marshmallow spread (a fluffernutter sounds yummy lately), another watermelon (I've gone through 2 in 2 days!), sour cream, cherrios, etc. And I'd probably eat all of these together for lunch!

I have to say, I have the best husband in the world. He keeps me full and happy, feeling beautiul and loved. If anyone knows how to get a hold of a 3-tier wedding cake with buttercream frosting, let me know... that sounds pretty good lately too. :)