Getting excited...

Working on some last details for Ewan's party,
including his handmade-by-mommy birthday shirt!
.But I had to stop...

I just couldn't resist his cuteness on the floor!


Table for 2

What to do when you're out on a Saturday night without the baby...

We danced...




Then ate some chocolate. :)


Out with the old...

Time for a change. Bye bye bunny header. :)


Little Big Feet

Have you ever seen such a big group out to help such a little guy pick out the perfect pair of kicks? We had a blast!

GG, Nana, myself and little man, Auntie Aimee and Aunt Ashley

Time to measure... a whopping 5 1/2! Seriously??

More interested in the toys. :)

I think he likes them.

A whole afternoon just for these little feet...
well, 5 1/2's aren't so little. More like little-big feet. :)
Thank you GG!


Happy Day, Happy Face

Ewan received his first birthday present...
his Great Grandma got him his first walking shoes!
While he's napping, here's a quick picture from today.
As you can see, he's terribly excited about his new shoes...

Oh, I've got more pictures... :)


First Steps

Ladies and gentlemen... we have us some first steps!

He's been practicing his new found skills for at least a week now. I caught it on camera for the first time yesterday. Maybe we'll have a full blown walker by his 1st birthday!

Please note the "brother" in the background... Divot's not too sure about this whole walking thing. :)


Feeling Better

Ewan is feeling much better since his sick episode this weekend. Today he got a special treat... his first grilled cheese sandwich! In tiny, Ewan-size pieces. I have friends (Hi Lisa!) with similar age kids ask me for ideas on food. I'm trying to get creative with his love of cheese... it's all he eats! These cheesy bites were a big hit, and I even snuck in some shredded chicken for protein. :)

Love this big grin! Wrinkled nose and all. :)



Ewan's fever spiked to 102.4 Friday night, but is now gone for good thanks to alternating Tylenol and Motrin for 2 days. Still don't know if it was due to a virus or teething or an ear ache (he was pulling on them), but hopefully it doesn't return anytime soon.

On another note...

We just saw the funniest commercial this morning while Jeff and I were watching the British Open. Totally our dog, Divot.



Had a great day at work today, but came home to a very feverish baby. I just checked his temp at 10pm... 101. I'm waiting up now to check it again and give him more medicine at 11pm. Pobrecito.

And today was my brother Jared's 13th birthday! Ewan got to stay for birthday cake, but after a long day at Grandma's it was time for him and bunny to head home and head straight to bed.


Summer lovin'

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Blogs and Coffee

I must have unknowingly been the inspiration for this print...

Now it just needs to say, "I love you starbucks!" :)
Made by this girl here.


In The Works

Ewan's 1st birthday video is in the works! So, I've been digging up all the video clips from this past year like this one...

This was one of my favorite days with the boys.

I love reminiscing. :)



Clean carpets and our first baby sweet. Sweet!

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Couch cushion and carpet cleaning day. Poor Ewan was pretty bored.

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We love 'em! Especially when we get to pick 'em!
This is our newest tradition for the 4th of July weekend, and this was both Ewan and Violet's first year. Although, Ewan was somewhat with us last year. :)

The family scouring the bushes. It's quite the competition.

It got hot. And someone got tired.

What a difference a year makes...



I just realized the pink hat has made it with us 2 years in a row now! Funny.


11 Months

Ewan is 11 months old today! Early this morning, I was able to capture his latest trick of getting off the couch all by himself! However, apparently maneuvering the coffee table afterwards comes at 12 months. Just watch...

I can't believe he did that! Don't worry... he's ok!

Nothing bunny and baba couldn't fix.

He is also taking a recovery nap now. :)

Yay for his 1st birthday coming up in a month!


Happy 4th!

My favorite holiday never disappoints!
We did BBQ and swimming with my family in the morning and fireworks with Jeff's family in the evening.

Swim fun done... off to the Temecula fireworks!

All American Boy eating All American Chicken Nuggets.
And lovin' it! :)

Ewan's FIRST fourth of July and FIRST fireworks were a hit!
Yay for the perfect family holiday!