Happy Thanksgiving!

We had fun celebrating Ewan's 1st Thanksgiving yesterday. No yummy food for him this year - next year he's in for a real treat!


Tighty Whitie Onesie

I love Ewan's big brown eyes. And nothing makes them stand out more than a plain white onesie.

Here he's not only showing off his eyes, but his favorite thing to do now - drool! :)


Love Books!

I love books and have an extensive amount of classics that I have collected over the years. As soon as I found out we were having a baby, I started Ewan's own library of children's books right away! He has one full shelf of books already, thanks to all the wonderful titles he was given at the baby shower, and a big thanks to his Nana who picks up a new book for him every time she's out!
Jeff and I have started his collection of Dr. Seuss books with the 9 that are currently on his shelf. I have a goal to collect them all! So far he has: I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, Green Eggs and Ham, Because A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo, A Fish Out of Water, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, The Foot Book, Put Me In The Zoo, The Cat In The Hat, and his first Dr. Seuss book was Hop On Pop from his Auntie Bryann.
So, here's a not-so-subtle hint... If you're looking to get Ewan something for Christmas, a classic children's book is the perfect gift! You can join my adventure of collecting every Dr. Seuss book ever written, or Ewan has conveniently listed his wish list of books to the right.
To all all my fellow book lovers - happy collecting and happy reading!

Love My Bath

Love My Jungle Gym


Busy Busy

If life wasn't busy enough with a 3 month old... it just got busier. I just finished my first week back to work, and am gearing up for the start of a new week already tomorrow! I found out this week that working means less pictures and definitely less blogging. As soon as I get home at 7pm, I just want to hold Ewan for the rest of the night! He's being watched during the day by my mom on Mondays and Tuesdays and Jeff's mom on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then Fridays I'm off.
Here are a few pictures of my little "heartbreaker" busy busy with his hands in his mouth - his favorite thing that started a couple weeks ago. So fun to watch him develop his fine motor skills!


Finally... Sleep!

Figuring out how to get sleep has been our top priority, especially since I go back to work on Monday. Jeff and I have read books, searched websites, asked fellow parents, and received a good amount of advice from our mothers on how to get the baby to sleep at night. We came across this article on Parents.com titled, "Sleep in 7 Days!" Who wouldn't want that?! It was totally relevant to what we were going through. #1 Night feedings were a big issue. We realized that he was likely waking up out of habit, not necessarily because he was hungry. #2 We had to tackle the issue of putting him in his crib while he is still awake so that he learns how to self-soothe himself. Until last week we were rocking or pacing the house for hours until he would fall asleep THEN we'd lay him in bed. This one is hard. An upset, tired baby that is not being held = a LOT of crying (both baby and mommy). #3 We had to establish a bedtime routine. Now, at the same time every night, Ewan eats, gets a bath, pajamas, book, then in his crib he goes!

It has been 10 days now and Ewan has settled into his bedtime routine, cut the crying down to a minimum, and seemed to learn that sleeping at night is actually quite enjoyable. :)

Ewan's Bedtime Routine...



Election Day

The Lohman family went to the polls this morning. Here is Ewan pointing to his "I Voted!" sticker. Weird to think that the next time we go again he'll be four years old!

And don't forget your free "Election" Starbucks coffee. We got ours! Jeff may have gotten two... don't tell. :)


A Look Back

What a difference a year makes!
Halloween 2007

"Painting the roses red..."

Halloween 2008

Trick or Treat!

Ewan's first Halloween was a blast! He got to go trick-or-treating with his Aunt Audra and Uncle Jared. He even got candy! Poor guy fell asleep after 5 houses, but we're pretty sure he still enjoyed it. We already can't wait until next year!

E for Ewan

Flower, Bee Keeper, and 2 Bumblebees

Ewan practicing his "I'm gonna sting you" face!

Felicia as a Mouse

Liana as Violet Incredible and Tarisa as Miss Ladybug

Ewan was happy with his glowstick

Here we go!

Trick or Treat!

Divot the Bee and Boo the Skeleton met Harry the Hotdog

My Bumblebees

Ewan loves his Grandma

Happy Halloween!