Would you believe I have a video of his first sink bath?! :)

First Sink Bath

And he had his first bubble bath!
He LOVES his bathtime with daddy everynight.



This happened a few weeks ago. But incase you haven't seen his latest trick, here it is!


Love My Bunny

Ewan has had an obsession with stuffed animals since day one. His favorite is his bunny. He cuddles with it every night, and he especially loves to cover his face with it to sleep.

Silly Face

This is Ewan's new silly face. He does it all the time!
I think he's playing with the new tooth he has.

January Birthday Babies

Jeff and I both have January birthdays and this was a big year... Jeff turned 30! I threw him a surprise party with all his friends, and then we each had birthday parties with our families. It's always a good time celebrating our birthdays together every year.

Ewan's not a fan of the birthday song. :)

Another great birthday year!


Our little golfer

The weather has been so beautiful here, that we went to Talega golf course in San Clemente last weekend to enjoy the sun. Ewan was a wonderful student while Jeff taught him how to putt, and he was the best caddy while daddy showed off his putting skills. :)



Ewan is growing up so fast and it finally hit me this week. I have been frantically trying to keep up with his baby book, and I just filled in his 5 month milestones... first food, first sink bath, first time holding his own bottle, first roll over, first entire night's sleep, first belly laughs, and first TOOTH! We discovered his bottom tooth sticking out last weekend. No wonder he's been extra cranky, we had no idea. So many firsts happened so fast, and Ewan's still trying to act older than he is. I feel like he's trying so hard to be independent and doesn't want to be mommy's baby anymore.

As sad as it is to see Ewan growing up so fast, the past few weeks events have been so exciting and have Jeff and I feeling so proud of our son.


First Food!

Over the holidays, Ewan started eating his first foods!
I can't keep up with this boy's appetite!

First he tried rice cereal, and couldn't get enough of it.


A couple weeks later he had applesauce. And LOVED it!
And at 4 1/2 months, he started holding his bottle all by himself!
Check out the video... He's growing up so fast!

Happy New Year!

Gotta Catch Up!

December 2008...
We visited the beautiful Mission Inn, Riverside

Uncle Alex came to visit from Missouri

Christmas Eve was my youngest sister, Audra's, 10th birthday

Ewan thought he looked pretty cool in his Santa Claus outfit

Then Santa met Mrs. Claus and fell in love

After Christmas Eve church service we headed to Nana and Papa's where they pulled out the coffee bean from 1 year ago, the day we announced we were expecting!

Christmas Day

Grandma and Grandpa's house first

Opened lots of gifts with daddy

and mommy

On to Nana and Papa's
He got a horsey!

And lots of other cool stuff

Then off to Long Beach to see more of Jeff's family!

More horsey play and Christmas with GG

Then peaceful rest. We had a busy holiday season!