Mama Sews

I recently got the sewing bug and wanted to try to whip up some cute boy clothes. My mom used to sew adorable baby clothes for me, and I wanted to do the same for Ewan. Here is my first try...
I sewed summer shorts for Ewan out of Jeff's old button down. I went to work late at night while the little man was sleeping...


Click HERE for baby pants pattern. The video was really helpful.
And click HERE for the baby girl version... how to turn a button down into a dress!
Now, I did not sew this, but isn't it beautiful?! Ewan just got it and I'm in love with it! I happen to know a sweet French family that travels to Paris alot and is very generous with special treats for us. :)


Got food?

Ewan teething.... Divot always wondering what he's "eating" :)

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Can't get enough...

...of this park! We went with my mom, sissies and brother. It was everyone's first chance to experience Disneyland with Ewan.
What fun!

Ewan was of course obsessed with the balloons all day.
Someday I'll have to fork over the 12 bucks for one. :)


We love...

Disneyland... sunny days... and each other.


Movin on up!

No more baby carrier as of last weekend. This 22 pounder needed a big boy car seat... fast! Before he grew another inch!

We picked the Evenflo Symphony. So far, so good!


Happy Father's Day!

It was Jeff's FIRST Father's Day
and Ewan's FIRST trip to the zoo!
Oh, how I love FIRSTS!

I couldn't wait to see the polar bears...
and the super cool new Elephant Odyssey.

The Pope.
Ewan had to flip his brim to see the animals. :)

Getting in some good walking practice.

Like father, like son... and grandson.

We waited in line to see this beautiful panda.

Our last stop for the day... the koalas. So cute!

This baby koala reminded me of....

...this baby! Wanting to hold on tight to his daddy.
Hope every daddy and daddy-to-be
had a wonderful day celebrating!


In the past...

After I posted the last header in transition to a new one, I thought I'd look back and see what my other past headers looked like...

I like 'em. They show his growth, along with mine in this bloggie blogosphere. :)



Happy Summer Solstice! Figured it was time to take down the old header with Ewan wearing his winter beanie and put up something new and fresh!

Tried it and liked it... alot!

Homemade pesto chicken pizza. I'm on a roll this week in the kitchen... go me! :)

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In case of emergency...

This blog should be renamed, all things Ewan AND bunny.
After a little searching, just this week I found bunny's twin!
Same bunny. Same store. As fresh and pretty as the new one is, I actually like the well-worn, off-white, much loved looking bunny. But, we do now have a backup on hand in the event we lose Ewan's best friend. What a relief I tell ya.



Pictures of both Violet and Ewan on their way home from the hospital. Same car seat... check! Same knitted hat from GG... check! Same sweet newness... check! Thanks to their mommies fabulous taste in baby gear and apparel, these two were made to be twins... er, I mean cousins. :)

Violet, June 2009

Ewan, August 2008


My mother-in-law has run an in-home preschool forever. Last night was the end of the year program at a beautiful church in town and boy were those kids cute! Ewan was mesmerized by their song and dance, but more so the balloons lining the stage behind them. He couldn't have been happier once he got his hands on one. We're looking forward to graduating as the Class of 2012 from Nana's preschool. :)



Our sweet niece, Violet Anne.

1 day old...

3 days old...

1 week old... already!


A Bisquick Breakfast

Chocolate Almond Scones and Blueberry Pancakes. Gotta love Bisquick!

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