New 'do

We cut Ewan's hair! Well, J's Barber Shop did.
And they did a stellar job!
Yay for kid friendly!

Checking himself out in the mirror. Not too thrilled about the experience so far...

Holding back the emotions... wait for it...
here come the tears. :)

Here's the shaggy BEFORE...

And... AFTER!

He survived! And as J's Barber Shop would put it...
Ewan has graduated from babyhood!


A year of love

Here's the video that was played at Ewan's birthday party a few weeks ago. Lots of hours went into watching, collecting, organizing, and piecing together all of our favorite video clips of the past year. Jeff and are have always been big on using our video camera. We love the tangible memories and have piles of tapes! I have watched this video collage of Ewan so many times I have lost count. I love reminiscing. So... enjoy! Oh, and just so there's no confusion... the "coffee bean" part from the opening slide is referring to this video from way back when. Now enjoy. :)

Upside down

Ewan has always had a thing for upside down pacis...
and his bunny. :)


matching stollers + sleeping cousins + sis-in-laws + old navy
= fun stuff! :)


Water Baby

Yay it came! The water table was delivered to our door this morning just in time for the 104 degree heat! Ewan loved nothing more than to dump water over his head, wash his car, and make Nemo and his friends swim all afternoon.

Yay for my happy water obsessed baby!


Move it! Move it!

I like to move it move it... I like to move it move it...
We've had quite the repetition going on at home recently...

For the record... we will NOT be bringing any musical cards on the the plane with us. That would just be wrong. :)


Advice Please, Pretty Please

I'm desperate. And I'm reaching out to anyone who's passing through, bouncing by, or reads Ewan's blog everyday. Tell me what to expect with a 1 year old on a plane! We are less than 2 weeks away from our vacation, which includes a 6 hour plane flight there, and back of course. This will be Ewan's first flight. I've been frantically reading all the articles I can on Parents.com, but I need to hear real experiences. Any tips? Tricks? Things to ask? Bring? Am I being too paranoid? Or am I on the right track of being scared about a toddler who wants nothing to do with sitting still... especially for 6 hours! Shoot me some advice. I'm all ears. And it'll make me feel better. :)


I had a font obsession a while back with this website.... here!
And I just discovered these posted on How About Orange... here!
Let the downloading begin! :)


Familiar Face

Go to Ohdeedoh to see a familiar face. :)


1 year portraits

I can't wait to get my hands on these! This is a sneak peek picture from my Sears Portraits account. Love this sweet baby face!
And no... we didn't cut his hair. As most people agreed with me in the poll. I like it just the way it is. :)


We've had better days...

This picture gave me a good and much needed laugh today! What my son and home looked like for most of the day. I'm not gonna even show you what I looked like. We'll try again tomorrow. :)

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Dough Play

Ewan and I made Play-doh today! Super fun, super easy.
The recipe...
1/2 flour
1/4 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1/2 tablespoon oil
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Stir everything together in a pot on low heat until it turns into a ball of dough. That's it. Then divide to mix in different food coloring. Safe to eat, though I don't recommend it... salty! And the recipe even works without cream of tartar... apparently I'm out. :)
Found the recipe from this Simple Mom blogpost...

Cell Phone-ing It

Ewan has been keeping me busy lately... days of endless play! So this has resulted in all the quick cell phone posts. When I look back through previous postings, there come waves of these cell pic posts - times my attention was heavily demanded by a certain little someone - but all in good motherhood fun. :)

We're currently playing with our homemade play-doh! (Better get back to it!) But I'll take some real pictures and maybe put 'em up here during his afternoon nap... instead of doing the dishes, ha!

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How Great Is Our God

Late night worship with Chris Tomlin in a jam packed Angel Stadium... amazing.


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Harvest 2009

Anaheim Harvest 09 with Greg Laurie

Big Head

Ewan had his 12 month doctors appointment this morning.
Here are his stats...
  • Weight: 23.6 lbs, 50th percentile
  • Height: 30.5 in, 75th percentile
  • Head: 19 in, 90th percentile!.He has a big head. We really need to cut back on telling him how cute he is all the time. :).
This was his first big boy appointment...
  • He walked into the exam room
  • He stood on the scale (instead of laying naked in the baby scale)
  • He gets his shots in the arm now (instead of his now fading chubby baby thighs).
He got one shot... polio vaccine.
I chickened out on the MMR. I just can't do it... not yet.



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Cooling off...

The weather this week has been so nice! Last week, on the other hand, was a typical hot August week so Bryann and I took the kids to the local water park. Who knew there was such a thing?! It was awesome! A foot and a half of water for Ewan to walk circles in for hours. :) And it was a good way to spend some last sumer vacation time together before Sammy goes to Kindergarten tomorrow! Go Sammy!

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Disneyland, Dinner, Toys and Toon Town

Mommy and the Birthday Boy went to Disneyland...

And spent a ton of time in just-my-size Toon Town...

Then Daddy met us for toy shopping and dinner...

A little singing and a little candle...

to round out a perfect birthday!


The Love

Divot in his orange party outfit. :)

Ewan's Great Grandma and Cousin Violet

Blue and orange details down to the water bottles. Silly, I know.
Ewan's Great Grandpa and Nana

The kids

The Aunts

Family love.