The whirlwind of a weekend felt like a mini vacation.
Spent lots of much needed together time with Jeff while he was off work.
I made breakfast 3 days in a row!
That's impressive considering I'm not a breakfast maker or eater.
But I'll do anything for Jeff and for the sake of the holidays. :)
Up first, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
In our jammies. Eating breakfast. :)

Then dinner at my parent's house,
when we also take my mom's family Christmas card picture every year.

Then on to Jeff's parent's house for dessert and games.
Hung out with this Missourian, yay!
Jeff's brother, Ewan's scary Uncle.
He'll warm up to you by Christmas, Alex. :)
We took the Lohman family picture too, while he was in town.
But everybody's family pics will be revealed in their cards.
After Thanksgiving dessert,
lost miserably to the boys at Guesstures.
But dominated in a round of Spoons!
Saturday, got to see Stephanie Edwards (returning to the Rose parade this year)
speak at my mother-in-laws church's Christmas luncheon.

Lunched with the Lohman ladies.

Sunday... church with Sammy and Abby. Ahem, princess Abby. :)

Got the Christmas boxes out.

Saw the snowfall at the mall.
The lovely, grainy framed pics are all cell phone shots.

And came home with a Christmas tree.

to round out a perfect Thanksgiving weekend,
I won a giveaway!!.

From this lovable mom of a circus,
who is sending me Rudy the Reindeer from the adorable Izzy's Friends.
Thanks Izzy and Heather!
Hope everyone had a very very, happy happy Thanksgiving.
We sure did. :)

it's over?

Had the BEST holiday weekend.
Have to do a serious recap of the family festivites. :)

Till then, happy December eve. :)

fall header

The green was still festive, but I was feelin' the need for red for Christmas... :)


christmas cards

Our Christmas Cards are all ready to go!
I've NEVER been ready this early before. Last year, we sent them out 3 days before Christmas.
Guess I'm making up for last year. :)

Sneak peek... Christmas picture came from this day. :)



...your new favorite blog to stalk. :)
the argentine gene.blogspot.com
Some of you may have already discovered it,
we're just now getting things rolling over there.
Hop over, leave a little hello, and check back soon!
You're gonna love it. I promise.



Nothing much going on this week.
We stayed in our jammies all day Monday and Tuesday.
Yesterday, we had a pizza combo lunch at Costco,
then purchased our millionth jug of apple juice and milk.
I'm seriously thinking of getting an apple tree and cow for our porch!
And last night, was laundry night. Which is not a bad thing around here. I loooove doing laundry.
And thanks to Bry, I have a serious obsession with the Downey Ball.
Gotta love my constant company... Divot, Ewan and bunny. They're the total package. :)



...which makes us important wildlife conservationists. As we were told and thanked for during our tram ride.
Way to make a group of peeps feel good. :)

Live in the area? San Diego Wild Animal Park.



time to flip

A whole new world was discovered when we flipped Ewan's car seat around for the first time.
This big boy, 15 month old, now gets to face forward in the car.

Lots of pointing and lots of "You should see this, mama!"
...in the form of "eh, eh!" Crazy kid.
And just so there's no question of Ewan's safety...
No, I was not driving and videoing at the same time. :)


boon lovers

Speaking of Flo... we now have a good size Boon collection....

Love that everything comes in my favorite color, orange. And yes, I have multiples of the Catch Bowl. But I'm thinkin of trying the Saucer next (if I could find it anywhere!), also a preventer of bowl dumping. :)
And as our Boon wishlist continues to be never ending...
They're coming out with this little beauty in December...
Now who wouldn't want this little ray of sunshine sitting on their counter? :)


fun with Flo

We got a Flo. And we love it.

Saaaaaaaaaaay cheeeeeeeeeese!

Saaaaaaaaaaay silly faaaaace!

Show mama your Flo!
Show mama how you wash your hair!

Show mama how much you loooooooove it! :)
I love bath pictures...
Ewan's happiest time of day (sometimes twice a day, he loves it that much!).
Easy to get a picture (he can't run away!).
Gives me something fun to do (I'm sittin' there anyways!).
The only negative... bad lighting. (But who cares!)


trick or treat!

As you can imagine, we went around the block on Halloween with a BIG group of family. :)
Nemo, Bruce, and Auntie Mermaid had a wonderful time collecting candy.
And I have had a wonderful time eating it all week. :)

And after Nemo was done being a candy hog,
(luckily people thought it was cute coming from a 15 month old)
Mommy and Daddy attended the 14th annual Murray Monster Bash!
We last attended in 2007 and won Best Group (with great friends!) for Alice in Wonderland.
This year we barely lost out on Most Original to Sharon and Ozzy Osborne. Boo. I demand a recount! :)

"Windy" Jeff and Kat 2009