Movers and Shakers!

As my dad would say, we are "movers and shakers!" Jeff, Ewan, Divot (our dog), Marko (our lovebird), and I all moved last weekend! We are in a new apartment that we absolutely love. It is close to our families, and close to the freeway for commuting purposes. To top off a busy week of moving and unpacking, all 3 of us have been sick! Ewan is the last one to finally get better, as of today. I can't wait to share pictures of our new home once we are finnished living out of boxes. To show you how we've been making do, here is a picture of our shower curtain currently being hung up by Ewan's toy rings!

And the moment we finished putting together our bed, the boys decided it was the perfect time for a nap... leaving mommy to continue unpacking... which a week later, I still am. Better get back to it! :)


Happy Valentine's Day!

I Heart You

Aunt Audra wanted Ewan to wear her Valentine's glasses, but he decided that eating them was WAY more fun than wearing them. Smart boy... heart glasses are for girls!

Check out Ewan's tooth!
He has his 2 bottom ones now and he's flashing a pearly one in this picture. :)


6 Months

Ewan is 6 months old today!
And he spent the rainy day, lounging in his sweats.
My, has the time flown by.

Mini Me

Here's everyone at about 6 months old! So does Ewan look like his mommy or his daddy? We can't decide. :)

Love My Horsey

Ewan loves his horsey that he got from Nana and Papa for Christmas. They wanted him to have one just like Jeff did when he was little. Below is baby Jeff with his "Winnie Horse". :)


Check it out

Funniest video of the year goes to my best friend.
Click here to see her boy eating "Snake!"
And, my mom started an ambitious project... she's taking a picture a day for the whole year! And she's blogging about it too!
Check it out here.

Someone Special

Here's a new series of posts! I already have have the ongoing series of "Love My..." and "Firsts", and now you can look out for the addition of "Someone Special". I thought I would spotlight family members and friends that are a special part of Ewan's life. First up...

Aunt Liana!

Also known as: Mommy #2, because she looks just like Mommy #1 and Ewan loves her like she's a Mommy to him.
Nickname for Ewan: Little Buddy
Games they play: "Tickle Monster!"
Time they spend together: Lots! She cares for Ewan after school on Mondays and Tuesdays while I'm at work.