Ewan's daddy will give him whatever he wants... Ewan wanted pinkberry, so daddy gave him pinkberry! We went for a little treat before Gina flew back home. It was all our first time at the frozen yogurt shop.

Don't be fooled by Ewan's face. He LOVED it!

Gina and me with our first pinkberry.
I'm also sporting my first POSY! Check them out here!


Ewan went to the doctor's for a weight check on Friday.
The results...
He gained a WHOLE pound in 2 weeks! He now weighs 17.9 pounds, and I can definitely feel the extra weight. The pediatrician says he happy, healthy, and has filled out.
Ahhh... now I can relax and not worry. :)


First Formula Bottle

Ewan is currently on a "gain weight" program. Sounds fun, huh? :) He has consistently lost weight at his last three doctor's visits. The pediatrician reassured me that he is happy and healthy, but formula would be a good option for him now. I'm still nursing him morning and night, but have added a formula bottle to each one of those feedings, plus a couple more throughout the day. He has another weight check on Friday, hopefully Enfamil does the trick.

New Shoes

Not that Ewan needed another pair of shoes, but I got him a new pair today for Corey and Becca's wedding on Saturday. They're so cute! But really any shoe is cute in a size 2.

I'm weak when it comes to little boy hats too. Here is a glimpse of his shoe collection, along with his hat collection. :)


First Theme Park

Where: Anaheim, CA
What: California Adventures Theme Park
When: March 16th
Who: Mommy, Ewan (first-timer), cousin Romina (first-timer), Aunt Liana, Grandpa G
I got him his first Mickey, and I love how he wanted to hold my hand for the picture.

With Grandpa G waiting for us to get back from the ride.

Lunch time!

Liana cracks me up!

Why Ewan couldn't ride with us. :)

His Nemo shirt from Auntie Aimee.

The Argentine look provided by Romina.

Nemo float!

Auntie Aimee!

Aunt Liana

First timers!
Can't wait to go again!


First Animal Trip

Jeff and I took Ewan on his first trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park! We had a blast going on a family outing. We pointed out all the animals to Ewan. I can't wait till he's telling US what each animal is. :)
We fed the lorikeets...
Found the Argentine animals for Romina...

Visited the petting zoo area...

Ewan didn't like the big deer. He cried.
Lots of babies at the park! Here's the baby rhino...

And one of many baby elephants.

We had a great time!



I took pictures of Ewan playing on the floor a couple weeks ago wearing my favorite hat of his. One of the pictures made it up as the header because he was just so darn cute on this day. Here are a few more pics...


Green Grass

In honor of St. Patrick's Day today, here is Ewan playing in the GREEN grass! A stretch, I know. But cute pictures courtesy of Auntie Aimee.

Mr. Attitude when mommy tries to give him a kiss. I love it.
We were at Becca's bridal shower and Ewan was being a ham because he was the only boy there and he knew it. :)

Someone Special

Here's another addition to the series! Aunt Liana was first profiled here. Now, Ewan would like to introduce...

Auntie Aimee!

Time they spend together: Every couple weeks we see Auntie Aimee. She's a Starbucks Barista and a Disneyland parade dancer... so she's booked!
Funny moment: Watching Aimee feed Ewan his cereal and fruit. She's the messiest feeder by far! There was food everywhere! :)
Favorite moment: When Ewan saw Aimee in the California Adventures parade yesterday for the first time! He didn't recognize her, but he was mesmerized.
What they like to do together: Aimee has been helping Ewan learn how to crawl! See video below.

Aimee takes great pictures and VIDEO (love that!) of Ewan when they're together. Here she is a couple weeks ago helping him learn to crawl.


Green Beans? No thanks!

I finally found something Ewan doesn't like to eat! So far, he has been a very non-picky eater. But tonight, he was just not into the green beans.

Make sure you watch the last 20 seconds..

Ewan shows off his well-rehearsed gagging skills. :)

Daddy's Helper

Ewan "helped" daddy build his crib. Check out his excitement! :)