Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

Well, carving pumpkins went WAY better than picking them. :)
Carving with a big family is always the best!

Every year, my family gets together at Jeff's family's house for a giant carving party!

We tried to get a cousin picture...

They were thrilled. :)

We tried.

The hostess and her table of homemade treats!

A little Angels and Yankees never hurt anybody.
Complete with my bro's Angels pumpkin.

Tah dah!


how tall this fall...

This tall! A yearly tradition started last year at Ewan's first pumpkin trip.


busted trip

And scene...
Take 1: Excited! On our way to the pumpkin patch!
Take 2: Rushing. Late to meet my family and pick up Jeff's mom.
Take 3: Very late. Running out the door. Ewan trips, cheek first into the wall.
Black and blue lump forms. Bitten bloody lip. Sitting by door with screaming baby and ice pack on swelling cheek.
Take 4: Finally get in car. Mommy and daddy argue. Gets heated.
Mommy pours water bottle on daddy (to cool off of course). Daddy pours remaining water bottle on mommy.
Take 5: Get out of car at pumpkin patch, soaking wet. Get baby out, with busted face.
Take 6: Proceed to take smiley loving family photos at beautiful pumpkin patch.

Ewan found mommy's pumpkin...
Then found his very own just-my-size pumpkin.

Family time.
Horsey time.

Daddy time.

Corn maze time. Things are lookin up for us.

Then... Ewan runs fast... around the corner... screams are heard...
Whad'ya know. He fell on his bruised cheek. Again. Now scraped and bleeding. Fun.

Time to go home.

Ewan in all his busted up boy glory. :)
What's with all the bummer pumpkin patch trips this year Molly and Sarah? :)


pumpkin patch

We finally frolicked in the pumpkin patch this weekend...

Got lots of great photos of Ewan's bruised cheek and busted lip. More to come on that... :)


picnic at the park

Picnicked on the grass, fed the ducks, ran up and down the grassy (muddy!) hills.
Perfect blissful afternoon, done. Love my BFF and her babies!

Checked my camera when I got home and enjoyed endless amounts of
photography by Sammy and Abby... :)

Ewan's got the right idea taking a nap right now... I think I'll join him... :)



Hi, my name is Katrina, and I wear used clothes.
Not exclusively, mind you. But I never shy away from a good hand-me-down, fun clothes swap, or a great thrift store.
I have read about, and drooled, over other peoples posts about their scores at the thrift stores.
Well, I scored at the "designer" thrift store yesterday, and am still giddy about it today!
Citizens of Humanity jeans + Hudson jeans + Vans for Ewan = $26
Perfect size, perfect condition, perfect timing... just waiting for us to find them.
I'm a happy girl. :)


Can't get enough...

...of these cute tiny prints!

I had Ewan's hands and feet printed for his 1 year birthday, and I still (2 months later!) can't stop peeking at them and smiling.
I first saw displays of tiny hands and feet and Ewan's pediatrician's office. I called (the nicest lady ever!) Debbie right a way to schedule an appointment. I couldn't be more thrilled about the results! So... I am delighted to share her blog, Clayful Impressions, for those of you who have young children (who's adorable tiny hands and feet are just asking to be printed!) and live in the area.
Tell her Katrina sent you!.... I told her I'd send friends. :)
And in case you want what you see here, ask for "cutout" hand and foot stained in "blue bonnet".



Do not leave children unattended with markers... messy mistake.

Next time, I bet the marker will make it's way to the walls. Is it that age already?! :)

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cinnamon and sugar

Keeping with the sugar theme...
We had the BEST dessert last night.
In fact, I'm eating it for breakfast right now. :)
Piecrust Cookies!
This recipe came from my favorite (now discontinued... stupid economy) magazine, WonderTime.
Perfect for those times (usually after the 31st) when you're on sugar overload.
This pile of leaves are light, flaky, and softly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Perfection.

Ewan LOVED them! I couldn't get him to stop signing "more". He had some for breakfast too. :)


cake, please

I want more wedding cake! I can't get enough! We re-order the top of our cake from Jodee's Bakery every year. And we totally already had our almond cake with raspberry creme filling and silky buttercream frosting. But I'm thinkin' maybe we should order a 5 year, 1 month cake topper. :)

More reminiscing of cake and kisses here.



Ewan has the BEST Aunties!
And I have the best sisters. :)
Sister Sweater Swap 2009