Busy Body

Ewan is constantly bouncing from one activity to the next, all day. Here's a glimpse...
I picked up these classic letter magnets for Ewan to play with. The exciting new addition to the fridge provided minutes of entertainment! :)
Then... he escaped! I've been leaving the slider cracked open for fresh air lately.

He was pretty proud of himself.

I let him explore for a little while, then "walked" him back in.

Then... on to his favorite thing to play with now, as I showed in the previous post. The roll that keeps rolling.

I'm exhausted thinking of all our daily activites again. And these are just the things I captured with the camera.
Now, on to the next day...

Naked Dinner Night



He has discovered the roll. :)

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Go Gray!

Well, the more popular saying today, on Earth Day, would be
Go Green! However, our household will be going both colors, green and gray, thanks to this past Sunday's service at Mariner's.

It was a wonderful message about marriage, how it is a creation of God's that we need to take care of. The pastor related it to another one of God's creation that is all the rage, and oh so popular to take of now, Earth.

"We painstakingly separate our trash, we collect plastic bottles, we recycle newspapers, we watch our carbon footprint, we look out for our emissions, we wear t-shirts that say Save The Earth... all this in an attempt to protect God's creation... Earth. We do this because we want this Earth to be beautiful. We do it because we want to have something beautiful to pass down to our children. We will no longer sit by and watch the Earth be scorched any more. We will no longer watch it be polluted. We will no longer just sit by and watch it be neglected. Hopefully we do it not just because it's the cool thing to do. Hopefully we do it because it's God's creation, and it's the right thing to do. Marriage is also God's creation that needs to be tended to. Nurtured. Taken care of. Worked on. It will never be the cool thing to do, like it is to take care of the Earth. But it's the right thing to do." - Pastor Jeff Pries

So today... Go Green! Because Earth is God's creation, and it's the right thing to do. And for Jeff and I we will also, Go Gray! :)
To pick your color (and understand the silly significance of it), listen to the message here, titled As Good As It Gets.



Earth Day is tomorrow and I have received a bunch of emails about eco-friendly baby trends. I LOVE this line of baby furniture from EcoTots! If only I had a playroom to put it all in.

This playroom decor was from one of my favorite baby stores The Land Of Nod. Unfortunately, one of my other favs has gone out of business - Babystyle. I found out this weekend when I visited the store at Fashion Island in Newport. If you're in the market for Maternity clothes (Ashley! Emily!) or adorable baby toys, clothes, or bedding, you've got to go check out the selection. They should be open for another week (with everything 70% off!) then Babystyle will be no longer. Sad day.

On another sad note (keep reading, it's not too depressing unless you're a teething 8 month old)...

Sophie the Giraffe is gone!

Ewan received the lovable teether toy from a coworker at my baby shower. It's been Ewan's favorite thing to carry around and chew on as he goes through this rough teething stage. I swore I would never take it out of the house for fear of losing it, however I had a weak moment this weekend because his teeth were bothering him so bad, and we took Sophie to the mall. Here's the scene: 2nd level, direct path from middle of the mall elevator to food court, get to Hot Dog On A Stick, realize Ewan's not holding Sophie, PANIC, rush to retrace our steps, back in the elevator (last place Sophie was seen), gone. No Sophie. Checked with mall security, no one turned her in. Another sad day.


Organic Baby

I always wanted to be the mommy that made all of her baby's food at home from fresh ingredients, so as not to contaminate their pure, baby body with any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. I was inspired to do it like this mommy did, but realized when it comes to fruits and veggies Earth's Best Organic and Gerber Organic's were the next best thing. (My vegan friend would be proud of me for buying organic! She bought Ewan his first jars before he was even born, along with providing him organic cotton onesies. Love you Wendy!) Ewan is 8 months old now and eats just about everything. We pretty much determined that he's not allergic to anything, and likes everything. He now eats meat, we've fed him chicken, salmon, and tri-tip... thanks to Grandpa G's asado last week. And he loves cut up cheese and orzo pasta. I make a bland baby version of everything seperate from the adult version. It's so fun helping him discover new foods and watching him use his tiny fingers to feed himself.

First salmon... with potatoes and peas.
Daddy's big plate alongside Ewan's tiny pieces.
First Argentine asado... with potatoes and corn.

Got Clothes?

Being that it's going to be 97 degrees today, Ewan and I have decided to stay indoors. Which prompted the project of organizing Jeff's laundry. I pulled all his piled laundry out from the floor of the closet and was left with 4 never-ending heaps of clothes. I was shocked. I always tease that he has more clothes than me... today it was confirmed. It's hard to tell from the picture, but there are 3 laundry baskets hidden beneath the piles (you can see one peeking out, begging to be let free!). And these are just the dirty clothes. It doesn't count the ones currently hanging in the closet, or the giant trashbag full in the garage (heading to Salvation Army, thank goodness!). Jeff would probably be embarassed of me "airing out his dirty laundry" - pun intended :) - but he never reads this, lucky for me.

Moving On...

Easter is over and I've got to move on! Here are the last few Easter shots from my parent's house and Jeff's parents house. Ewan got 2 more Easter baskets!
Jeff's mom hand-embroidered baskets for Ewan and Violet (due June 9th!)

Trying one last time to egg hunt... unsuccessful yet again. We're gonna to have to work on this grass phobia thing.

On to my parent's house...
Ewan got a bucket full of toys!

A new hat! Surprising, huh? :)

Now, on to the next holiday!


Annual Easter at Grandpa's

Grandpa and his girls.
Auntie Audra

Trying to help Ewan egg hunt...

Unsuccessful. He hates grass.

So mommy held him in the grass.

He much preferred hunting in the house.

Decorating Easter eggs!

Lunch time!

Then it was time for Grandpa's Annual Family Photo!

The trusty tripod.

Grandkids and Great-Grandkid. :)

Capturing every moment of Ewan's first Easter.

Auntie Felicia

Sunset swim time!

Trying to get a good family picture. He smiled! Only took 10 shots.

Playing with Grandma and Auntie Felicia.

Sisters. My mom and Aunt Cindy.

Peek-a-boo Uncle Franklyn!

Grandpa G

Where Jeff spent most of his time. The Master's on Easter! My wish has come true! Not. :)

Annual Chocolate Bunnies. And... you guessed it... Ewan's first! :)

Testing... 1..2..3

Update: Here's the link... buzz.blogger.com... dated April 14th.

Blogger has a new feature... Blogging from your phone! Oh boy, am I in trouble now. :)

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Easter Morning

I LOVED Ewan's reaction to his basket full of goodies Easter morning. He couldn't have been more excited, and I was overjoyed at how happy he was.

Ewan's basket, and a little something for Divot.

Ewan got his first Peeps! In the form of bubbles. :)

Checking it out...

So exciting mommy!

His eggs were filled with his favorite thing... Gerber puffs!
And it was a never before tasted flavor... peach!