21 weeks, 5 days

Ok, so more belly pictures have been requested, specifically of me not Jeff. :) These were taken last night before Jeff and I went out for a date. I love the picture with Divot in the background - he is never more than 5 feet away from us when we're home, as you can see. I haven't posted many pictures, because there's not much to show yet. Hopefully all the food I've been eating is a good sign that this little baby will be having a growth spurt soon!


Jonny and Ashley said...

YAY! You're so cute. You can definitely see a little bag of coffee inside of you :)Thanks for the pictures. And I love seeing what little bit I can of your house, since I wasn't able to see it before we left.

cmg said...

It's Audra again....okay so you can eat lots of food if it will make the baby grow. That would be more exciting, then it looks like you're really having a baby.

Pearson's said...

ok you are just the cuttest pregnant wifey i have ever seen. Although you can barely tell there's a baby in there, or is that just a rolled up shirt. ( i used to do that when i was little). WEll enjoy eating all you can cause once that baby gets bigger you'll be eating less and less (no more room for food) Take care of yourself. LAter