We'll see...

A few days after the announcement, Jeff's mom wanted to do "the ring test". She placed my wedding bad on a chain and hung it over my wrist to determine what the baby is going to be and how many siblings are in the works.

The results: Jeff and I will have 5 kids - girl, boy, boy, girl, boy

She is very positive about the results. We'll just have to wait and see! :)


Our little 'coffee bean'

Jeff and I were giddy for weeks knowing that we shared such a big secret between the two of us. The dinner topic every night was when and how we were going to share the exciting news. This was a big moment that we wanted to be perfect.

The one time of year both of our familes always get together is Christmas Eve - what a perfect night to surprise everyone one with the news! I have of course been reading, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and keeping up with all the online pregnancy websites to keep me in the know for the coming months ahead. I had read that right around Christmas, the baby would be the size of a coffee bean. Perfect! That's what we were going to wrap up and give to our parents to fill them in on our secret. :)

Here's how it went...

A coffee bean?
"It's showing you about the size of our baby." :)