3 weeks today

I absolutely LOVE my little man!

Pictures courtesy of Ewan's Aunt Liana. :)

Bathtime with Daddy

This was Jeff's first time handling the bathtime. The two of them are so cute together! We orchestrated this bath at 10:00pm, desperately trying to keep Ewan awake. He falls into a heavy sleep (in between his feedings every 2 hours) between 6pm-12am. Then he's up for the rest of the night/early morning. This schedule doesn't work so well for his mommy and daddy. Hopefully he'll work out a better sleeping schedule over the next few weeks.


Attentive Ewan

Sleepy Ewan



First bathtime with mommy.

All clean!

Wash your hands!

I'm obsessed with making sure that I sanitize everything (multiple times!) and that everyone who holds the baby has freshly washed hands. Boiling water and hand santitizer are a mom's best friend!


So tired!

I'm still adjusting to my days now being broken up into 1.5 - 2 hour blocks of time, in between feedings. I wake up every morning and make the bed, get a cup of coffee, and grab the newspaper. As I try to get my day started, I end up looking at Ewan and think that he has the right idea by sleeping in. In no time, I'm back to sleep for a quick nap before he's up again in 1.5 - 2 hours. :) Felicia was in town this weekend and she snuck in and took this picture... a typical morning for Ewan and me.

One week old

Ewan turned a week old on Thursday! I woke up that morning and looked over at my peaceful sleeping baby and knew it was the perfect moment to capture on film. Here is his 1 week old, sweet baby face.


Going Home

We loved our hospital and all the wonderful nurses... but we couldn't wait to go home! Two days after Ewan's birthday, Jeff loaded up the car and I put Ewan in his going home outfit - which included the blue knitted hat from Great Grandma Marilyn - and we were ready to go!

The Morning After

The morning after Ewan was born we couldn't wait to wake up to play with him, talk to him, stare at him, and take a million pictures of him. Here are some pictures of his sweet face, just a few hours old.


Big Happy Family

4 grandparents, 4 great grandparents and 12 aunts and uncles have anxiously been awaiting Ewan's arrival. Here are all their excited faces, meeting him for the first time!

Gorria Family
Proud Grandparents: Gerald and Cris
Proud Aunts and Uncles: Felicia and Brandon, Liana, Tarisa, Audra, and Jared

Lohman Family
Proud Grandparents: Mark and Peggy
Proud Great Grandmother: Marilyn
Proud Aunts and Uncles: Ashley and Jonny, Corey and Becca, Aimee and Alex