Ewan and his Divot Elf

If you've ever tried to take a picture of both a baby and a dog together, it is near impossible! My recommendation... snap as many pictures as possible until the baby wiggles free or the dog runs away. I managed to get a couple cute pictures!

Ewan's 1st Visit with Santa

Waiting in the 45 minute line...

The big moment!

Ewan had absolutely no reaction. No crying, no smiling, no movement, just a frozen stare. Must have been the crowd of people watching from the line, or the teenagers dressed as elves honking bike horns to get his attention, or maybe the blinding flash for the 5 shots they took. However, they only needed to take 1, his expression never changed. Someday, I'll tell him how much he loved it though. :)


Baby's 1st Christmas

Ewan 1st Christmas was so memorable. I am still overwhelmed by the whole day, just as Ewan was as you can see by the picture. I have TONS of pictures and don't know where to start. So this was one of my favorites, the rest are still to come. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


Gift Exchange

My best friend, and Ewan's Auntie Bryann came to visit. This is the first year we BOTH have kids, so we started a new tradition of a kid gift exchange. Ewan LOVES his books, blocks, and jammies.
Thanks Sammy and Abby!

Jeff and I also attended the Agajanian Christmas party!
We had a super fun night!

Learning to share

Ewan has a favorite squeaky book to play with at his Nana and Papa's house. It happens to be Divot's favorite too...

19 weeks old

Bouncing in his bouncer... and sitting up! Well, just long enough to take a picture. :) And he's obsessed with his tongue right now, as evidenced in these pictures. He's always acting like he's chewing gum!

Christmas Cards...

are out! Here's the picture insert for this year... Merry Christmas from the Lohmans!



Naked Ewan right before his nightly bath.
He looks HUGE in this picture! I swear he's really not this big in person, the camera must add pounds. :)

Love My Daddy

Jeff loves to play silly games with Ewan. And boy does Ewan love it!

Wii Tennis anyone? :)

Love My Mommy... and Making Faces!

Ewan has the cutest expressions lately.
He's super social and loves up close interaction.

He loves his mommy...

and his mommy loves him!

He loves watching my parent's Christmas tree...

and stealing the ornaments!


A Good Morning

Ewan's favorite part of the day is early morning. He is happy, loving, talkative, and super smiley. I grabbed the camera this morning to capture his play. Listen carefully to catch him saying "Hi!" :)


I have taken pictures of some of Ewan's outfits because they are just so darn cute! I've checked with other first time moms who have assured me that they have done the same thing, so don't be thinking I'm the only crazy one capturing memories. :) The monogrammed outfit was given to Ewan by my friend Emily, and the shoes by his Great Grandma. I tried so hard to get Ewan to cooperate, but he just wouldn't take his eyes off his shoes. I still captured the memory, which is what counts!