Almost finished...

Ok... I'm gonna rush through these last few posts about our trip.
Cause it's fall already.
Cause everyday it makes me want to be back in Hawaii.
Cause frankly... I'm getting bored. As I'm sure you are too. :)
The first day we arrived in Maui, we made plans to go to the Luau at our hotel with Jeff's parents and his Aunt and Uncle from Oregon.
The four of them happened to be on vacation the same week as us... on the same island... on the same side of the island in fact...
That's a whole other story. No time to explain. Must continue.

The Luau was awesome! (Again, same just as it was 5 years ago.)
Ewan got the best souvenir. Hand-carved in front of our eyes!
And he passed out at the end after being drunk on pork and Hawaiian punch.
We saw our family the next day again for dinner at Leilani's...
Our FAVORITE restaurant on the island! Had to make sure we ate there.
(Jeff and I ate lunch there again the following day too.)
(And just this past Sunday, we even recreated Leilani's fish tacos at home. However we renamed our dinner, "Lei-Lohman's". :)
And the last time we saw our fam again in Maui was on Saturday.
They babysat Ewan for us so we could enjoy a relaxing anniversary.
Just the two of us.


Eat, Drink, and be Maui

45 minutes later, we were in Maui!
Checking in. Checking out our view. Ewan checking out his crib.
Checking on the penguins in the lobby. Checking out Umalu's poolside for lunch... yum!
Then checking out the pool... where we stayed for the rest of our first day there.

It was all the same. Perfect, immediate relaxation.

Just as it was when we stayed here for our honeymoon 5 years ago.

Day 5

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
Thanks for welcoming us to stay in your beautiful home.
Thanks for borrowing a crib for Ewan to use.
Thanks for cinnamon coffee every morning and homemade dinner every night.
Thanks for showing us the best secret beaches to visit that weren't on the tourist map. :)
Thanks for the wonderful memories made and the special time spent together.
It was perfect. We love love love you.


4 days in Oahu... and then...

...we were off to Maui!




And there you have it... the prettiest sunset spot on Oahu.
We walked outside right behind my Aunt and Uncle's house. Pretty cool backyard, huh?
This is Puka Shell Beach... where all the necklaces made in Hawaii get their shells from. The "sand" is made up of broken coral and puka shells. And contrary to what you might think, it was pillowy soft to walk on and unbelievably comfortable to sit in to sift through the coral and collect shells.

My Aunt Adriana and cousin Kaile playing in the sparkly sand.

See the coral and all the teeny tiny puka shells?

She calls me "cousin" and Jeff is "cousin's husband". Ewan is also just "cousin". :)

Ewan and I layed down to watch daddy "in" the sunset.

Can I please be there again right now? :)


Day 4... North Shore

Just when I thought Oahu couldn't get better...
we met up with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin Kaile at their beautiful home on the North Shore... to do what else, but surf!
Beautiful beach... but rough waters! Nothing my cousin couldn't handle though... she's one tough 6 year old surfer chick. Jeff braved the rough conditions while I sat with my Aunt and Ewan safely on the sand. Or so we thought...
Ewan and I were sitting on the shore, waiting for the waves to hit our toes, when we both got pummeled by a huge wave! Poor Ewan came up crying, spitting up salty water and sand.
Needless to say, we moved to safer grounds. And spent the rest of the night digging sand out of our ears. :)

Watch the video to see Kaile stand up on her board as my Uncle guides her through the wave...
Then watch the kid in front of us get clobbered by the waves right on the shore... the same waves the took out Ewan and me! :)

After Jeff came in, Ewan wanted to give it a try...

Kaile sharing some of her best suring tips.

Then the sun started to set...
And we grabbed our stuff and RAN! We were told we had to hit the the best beach on the North Shore for the sunset...


Day 3... Perfection

By far, my favorite day of our trip!
We spent hours... laying in the sun, feeling the breeze blow through our umbrella, wading in the calm turquoise water, sand castle building (and smashing!) with Ewan's rusty shovel, chasing birds, burying the boys.
Then... lunch across the street at Buzz's Steak House.
Sightseeing stops on the way back around the island.
It was perfection. The kind of day you fantasize about when you think of a Hawaiian vacation. I'd do it over again 100 million times. :)

One liked being buried. One didn't. :)

Testing the waters.

All 3 of us enjoyed a good long swim... but Jeff couldn't get me to come out of the water. I was in heaven.

My beach baby.

Making stops on our way back around the island.

Umm... where'd my boobs go?? I need to either ditch this obviously very unflattering t-shirt, or not wear a bathing suit top around for the day (no support!), or come to the acceptance that this is what happens after breastfeeding a baby for 8 months. At least my curly hair wasn't too unruly that day.... a plus in my book. :)

Back to Grandma and Grandpa's house (somewhere down there!) in Honolulu.