The Wave

Here's another video for your viewing pleasure...

He learned Hi and Bye. Big stuff!


No wonder...

...he bites me. (See video here.) He has yet another tooth! Top, right. He now has 3 top teeth, and 2 bottom. Discovered it today while we were playing tickle monster. :)

Must Win

Jeff and I went to the Lakers game a couple weeks ago. It's the BEST being at a winning game. We'll be rooting for them tonight. Go Lakers!

Couldn't get enough pizza and beer.

Foam finger freak. They handed these out at the door. Give me something free and fun, and I'm all over it!

Jeff got tired of the foam finger.

Winning in all it's glory.

Fun stuff!
We then headed to my parents to pick up the little man...

...who was happy as can be in the backyard.

We couldn't help ourselves but to join in!


Biter on the loose!

Ewan is taking full advantage of his teeth now... he thinks it's HILARIOUS to bite mommy. In the video he not only shows off his steath attack bite moves, but also his awesome farmers tan and new favorite pastime of doing circles around the living room chair.

Disneyland... we love you!

Thanks Auntie Aimee for signing us into the park!
We had the BEST day!

Got to meet Mickey as soon as we walked in the park!
First ride of the day... Winnie the Pooh.

E was happy he got to bring his pal, bunny.

Flik's Fun Fair.

LONG day. :)

This picture makes me laugh. I didn't realize he needed his shades.

Ewan's a people watcher.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Last ride... Small World. He always falls asleep during this one. :)


Someone Special

Ewan would like to give a BIG shout out to...

Auntie Felicia!
And today was her 24th birthday! Happy Birthday!

Auntie Felicia loooooooves her nephew. She was one of the first people to get to the hospital to meet him. She always wants the first turn to hold him and hug him... and hasn't been able to put him down since he was born! He lights up when he sees her, and loves to kiss her face! Ewan is so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, beautiful Auntie. We love you lots!


In the works...

I noticed the birthday ticker at the bottom of the page today...
Ewan's 1st birthday is 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days away.
And since Ewan has a very organized, scheduled, prepared, well thought-out type of mommy... the planning is well in the works!
Here's a sneak peek...

Surprised I'm going with an orange and blue theme? :)

She's back!

Look who made their way back home... Sophie the Giraffe!
...Thanks to Ewan's very persistent, loving Great Grandma
...via Nordstroms. :) Thanks GG!
He LOVES her. It's like she never left.



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Ewan got to go to the beach with his buds, Sammy and Abby.
Boy does he love the beach... and the sand... and eating the sand!


First Swim

Ewan went swimming for the first time!
He was joined by his Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie Ashley.

Loved to SPLASH!

There wasn't a picture without a smile on his face!

Ewan is 9 months...
Ashley is 9 months.

Two very cute 9 month buddies! Violet will be swimming with us soon!

Do not try this at home. :)


Heat Wave

Hot California weather brings out the baby pools and slip-n-slides!

Uncle Jared and Auntie Audra love their nephew!
*Pool thanks to Grandma, trunks thanks to Nana.
Ewan is one lucky grandkid!