The Fro

Check out this kid's hair! Being that I'm half Argentine, that makes Ewan a quarter Argentine. So instead of the Afro, we're calling this the Arg-Fro!

Smile Ewan!

Ewan's smile that he shares with us now is the best!

Love The Outdoors

Quality time with daddy on the weekends.

I can see!

Ewan is really focusing in on stuff now! Everything around him is new and interesting to look at. One of his favorite things to look at is books. Sometimes he focuses too much though and goes cross-eyed! I tell him to be careful or his face might stay like that. :)


What a Rockstar!

Ewan is holding his head up so well now.
It's so fun to watch him grow!

Long Day At Work

I love my daddy and want to be just like him some day!


Our Family

Ewan had to dress up for the special occasion on Sunday and he looked absolutely adorable in his collared shirt and "shoe" socks.
It was the perfect day for a family photo.

First Meeting

Ewan met so many people for the first time at my sister's wedding this past weekend. One very anticipated meeting was that of Ewan meeting his Great Grandma and Grandpa from Hawaii for the first time!

Grandma also brought a very special gift for Ewan. She passed down my mom's baby spoon. It was such a special surprise.
I will treasure the baby spoon and the memory of this weekend always.



Ewan's announcements are finally out! Being that I made them myself, I had to find time to work on them in between feeding, changing, bathing, rocking... you get the picture. But I love the way they came out and it was worth the work. I hope when Ewan grows up that he likes his announcement that his mommy was so proud to make for him.


He's famous!

So I told Ewan there are a lot of people checking him out on the blog now. His reaction... "How embarrassing, Mom!" But he does want to send a shout out to all his blog followers... Holla!
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Another Wedding!

My younger sister is married! Felicia and Brandon have been together for 5 years and they finally tied the knot yesterday. The wedding was amazing and Felicia was a beautiful bride. We almost have the same anniversary date... how cool is that! My sister Liana said someday she's going to fill in the gap and get married on the 13th!

It was great to see all the family yesterday, and so fun to have everyone from out of town meet Ewan for the first time. Felicia has probably just arrived in Hawaii... boy do I wish I was there! I can't wait to see her when she gets back. She's a married woman now! Maybe Ewan will get a cousin soon... no pressure Felicia and Brandon! :)

Mother of the Bride

Brother and Sisters

Father of the Bride, the Pastor, and his wife

Lots of dancing!

Lohman Ladies

Ewan's Great Grandmother - his caretaker for the evening. Thanks GG!

4 years ago...

Jeff and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on Friday! We spent the day together... just the 3 of us. :) That evening we had wedding cake (we re-order the top of our cake every year) and champagne. What a wonderful 4 years it's been!



I can't believe how fast Ewan's first month flew by! I'm getting the hang of the mommy thing now and Jeff has been an awesome dad. Ewan is healthy, happy, and growing every day. I can't wait until his check-up next month to see how much he's really grown. He's still trying to figure out how to use his arms and hands. Every so often he will reach his mouth to suck on his hand and it makes him so happy and proud of himself. He's starting to smile and he now recognizes my voice. When I talk, he will look around the room to see where I'm at - that is the most special thing in the world to me right now. I love him and love how much he needs me. The first few weeks were hard work being that they were full of adjustments and learning curves, but things have started to settle. We are now able to really take everything in and enjoy time spent with eachother, all three of us. I have been reminiscing about my pregnancy the last couple of days.... how just a month ago Ewan was still in my belly, how we spent our days imagining when he'd come and what he'd look like, and how we tried to prepare ourselves in every way possible as we became parents for the first time.
Here is a very special video clip of the morning of August 7th, the day Ewan was born. We were walking up and down Laguna Beach trying to get labor going. Little did we know that we'd be at the hospital that evening awaiting his arrival.