very merry happy

I was told, by those who stopped by this month, that my gifts matched my house.
Agreed. But unintentional. Guess I just have a thing for green and brown. :)

A very merry happy, cozy Christmas morning, 2009.

And best timer shot of the year, I might add. :)

christmas pjs

Loved Ewan in his red flannels with Christmas morning bedhead...


What a great age he was this year for Christmas! We thoroughly enjoyed his overwhelming excitement throughout the day while bouncing around visiting family and discovering new toys... cause this year it was all about the toys! :)


green and pink stitches

I embroidered a stocking and hat this Christmas...

...for these two cute cousins. :)


merry christmas!

God rest ye merry gentlemen
let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our Savior
was born on Christmas day!

O, tidings of comfort and joy
comfort and joy!
O, tidings of comfort and joy.

for you

Grandpa, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Kevin and family, Aunt Cindy and family, cousins in Oregon, Conneticut, and Argentina...
This is for you.
Totally, if I had the skill or time, I woulda made it. But this works too, right? :)
Try your skills... here are the directions to make your house!
Wish we could be together for Christmas... love you!



Same Santa. Same Ewan expression.
Santa is lookin' much more jolly this year, I must say. Good 'ol Santa.

more family time

There is always lots of family time around the holidays.
This weekend was chalk-full.
We celebrated my sister's birthday early with a night on the town in LA.
First, Disney on Ice in LA. See pictures here and here.
Then Brian Setzer Orchestra concert that same night.

Grandma and Papa G.

Mom taking pictures for her blog. :)
See them here.

I love my family. A lot. :)


apron and cookies

I won! Can this really be true?
I have won my second giveaway thanks to the lovely, talented, and ever so sweet Diane.
See her amazing creations on her blog, here!
Because we are located in the same area, she hand delivered the winning apron, and a tin full of Christmas cookies as a surprise!
And I'm talking a real deal surprise... where you've just hopped out of the shower, half blow dryed your hair, breakfast still lingering on the coffee table, noisy dishwasher running, pine needles and toys all over the carpet, and have a wild 1 year old running amuck.
Such a welcomed surprise though, Diane. I could have chatted on the couch with you all day!
You are just as sweet as your cookies are, which are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. :)
Thank you for such a cheerful way to start a weekday!


Our big group for the day...
Jeff's entire family was able to make it!
And Aimee joined the group after she danced in the parade.
Rode some rides...

Ewan was not a big fan of the rides on this particular day.
Sure makes for some cute pictures though. :)

Cousins! With their matching Dumbos.
This was Violet's first trip to Disneyland!
She rode her first ride, and got her first pair of ears.
I'm a big fan of firsts, and was happy to be a part of my niece's big day. :)

We caught both parades at both parks...
with Auntie Aimee as Dory!

And had fun watching the Small World Light Show.

We tried to capture the beautiful snowy castle at every angle of the park.

The best part of the day...
Annual Passes!
Thank you to Jef'f's parents for the Christmas present that will keep on giving all year long.
Can't WAIT to go again! And again... and again... :)



Ewan experienced Disneyland decked for Christmas yesterday.
So crowded, but so fun.

rudy the reindeer

Rudy came!
And Ewan loves him.
Thanks again Izzy and Heather!


christmas cards

The front of our Christmas card this year.

With a couple more of the ones below printed inside...

These are just a few of the fun ones that were captured that day.
Thanks to my sis, Liana, we have over 200 gorgeous pictures!

Would you believe Ewan already grew out of these jeans from last month!
He just had his 16 month appointment this morning, and he's grown 2 inches taller since August.
Can't wait for Christmas... 12 more days! But who's counting. :)