Priceless Pictures?

While waiting around at home, I'm keeping up with the celebrity magazines. I've read that Angelina and Brad Pitt are auctioning off their recent twins' baby pictures for an estimated $20 million. This got me thinking... I'm pretty sure most of you want me to post pictures of the baby once he's here, right?
So... what should I start the bidding at? :)

Belly Bunny

So, my first semester of college, I did what every girl just moved out on their own was doing... I got my belly button pierced. :) Well 7 years later with a pregnant, stretching belly, the piercing wasn't looking so cute anymore. In fact, I really hated seeing the mark it was leaving on my stomach. Jeff then mentioned to me one day that he loved the stretch mark of my belly ring. He thought it was cute and resembled a bunny! I looked at it, and he was right... it did look like a bunny! It actually resembles a certain bunny logo...

Thanks to a complimentary husband,
now I think I have a pretty cute "belly bunny". :)



Well, our packed bags are still sitting by the front door untouched. No baby yet. Contractions are still constant, ranging from 20 minutes to 45 minutes apart, and my stomach is feeling really sore, like I've done hundreds of crunches. I have to say, I'm a little diasappointed that he didn't come this week. Jeff and I, along with our family and friends, had gotten really excited that he was going to be here.

I'm trying to rest and be patient now, but all the excitement has me nesting like crazy! Window sills scrubbed... check! Baseboards dusted... check! Closet organized... check! Newborn clothes, baby socks, blankets, washcloths, sheets, all washed... check!

We set up the baby right next to us in our room. Here are some pictures of all his stuff ready to go. If only he could see it, then I know he'd want to come out and start enjoying it right now!

*** HELP! I've been organizing all the books that were gifted to the baby at the shower. I'm writing in the front cover of each one who it was lovingly given from. I meant to have everyone do this at the shower, but with all the excitement of the day I simply forgot. Most of them I am able to remember, but some of them I just can't recall. If you shared your favorite children's book with the baby, please leave a comment and let me know which one so I can write your name in it and share the memories with him forever. Thanks!***


Is it time?

So, I've been seeing my doctor once a week now. I am dilated and effaced, all that good stuff. I had a long weekend of Braxton Hicks, and went back to work as usual on Monday. By Tuesday morning, I was at work feeling very unusual. I called my doctor to see what the symptoms were a sign of, and she said it sounded like I was going into early, latent labor, and to keep an eye on it and call her back later that day. How exctiting! I called Jeff to let him know what was going on, but not to worry, I would be monitoring everything and keep him updated. Jeff works down the street from me and because he was completely unfocused at work thinking that he might be taking me to the hospital, he drove over with a stopwatch to help me time the contractions acurately. By lunch time, my body had really gone into work mode with all the contractions and I was not feeling so good. So, that was the end of my day at work... and ended up being my last day completely. I was planning on working until August 1st, but this baby seems to have other plans in mind.

That afternoon Jeff and I walked for hours and stopwatched every contraction. This lasted through the night, with them getting as close as 7 minutes apart for a few hours. By 2am I was exhausted from the day and we both finally just fell asleep, fully dressed, with our bags packed next to us ready to go.

The next morning we went to see the doctor at 8am. She said the contractions were definitely doing their job and that my stats had progressed. The other good news is, the more my body does during the early labor stage, the smoother things will go at the hospital.

So here I am, just waiting and anticipating what's next.
  • I'm still having contractions but they're not as consistent as they were on Tuesday.
  • I'm super tired and sore from everything that happened over the last 2 days.
  • I'm get exciting thinking that I'm going to meet my son sooner than planned.
  • I don't quite know what to do with myself. Being at home now just has me focusing on everything thing my body is feeling. The doctor said to just take it easy, but I feel like I need to go back to work to take my mind off everything. :)
Between my mom and sister being in Indiana right now, to the girls at work that I abruptly left on Tuesday, I'm trying to keep everyone updated with what's going on. With early labor, I guess it's normal for it to start, stop, then start again within 48 hours, leading into active labor. So I sent Jeff back to work and I'll just have to wait and see what happens over the next couple days.

I'll keep you posted... :)


Childbirth Classes

Like I mentioned, we have been attending our childbirth classes at the hospital. We've gone over a lot of anatomy, labor stages, and breathing techniques. During our last class, the instructor wanted a spouse to wear the 'baby belly' for an hour and tell of his experience. Because my husband is such a friendly guy, one of the spouses announced that Jeff would love to volunteer. He was a good sport and agreed to wear the belly. The instructor wrapped his chest with a thick band so that he could experience the amount of work it takes to breathe through squished lungs, she weighted him with the 30 pound belly and boobs, attached a sandbag to the underside of the belly to put pressure on his bladder, and dressed him in a lovely maternity mumu. Once he was all geared up he got to sit back down next to me and enjoy the pleasures of pregnancy for the next hour. He continually whispered to me that he couldn't breathe, felt like he was going to tip over, and that he thought his bladder was going to fall on his feet. It was fun to have him experience a small glimpse of what I've been going through. He has definitely been more appreciative of everything I go through to lovingly carry his baby. :)

So busy!

Gosh, where do I start! So much has been going on and I'm having trouble keeping up with it all!

  • Jeff and I have been working long hours lately. With the hour commute to work and the hour drive home, we leave the house around 7am and have been getting home around 8:00pm every night. We have always enjoyed the time in the car together but because of my lack of energy recently, I'm usually asleep during both trips now. Poor Jeff is left to talk radio for some interaction.
  • My eyes have been examined by several doctors over the last year due to severe dry eye. Because of the pregnancy I haven't had many options to try, but the final decision was to plug one tear duct in each eye to keep moisture in. So, I had the procedure done Thursday, and so far so good. I'll be keeping a 'watchful eye' on my eyes. :)
  • We got the carseat and stroller! It was the last thing we needed, and his parents generously and lovingly wanted to get it for the baby. We love it and are now able to take the little guy home once he's finally here.
  • We took a tour of the hospital, including the labor and delivery rooms. This was a fun night meeting 200 other pregnant women who are all going to be giving birth around the same time. There was quite an energy in the presentation room with all the women, spouses, nurses, local vendors, door prizes, and yummy cookies - which all of us pregos couldn't get enough of! I'm looking forward to my stay soon... we absolutely love our hospital.
  • We started our childbirth classes! We are having a blast, making friends, learning a lot, and look forward to going each week.

The countdown of the final weeks is moving too fast! I still have a long list of things to get done before the baby arrives. We'll see if I'm able to get to everything, but I'm already preparing myself for the fact that to-do lists are not going to be much of a priority pretty soon. :)

35 weeks


Fourth of July - Only 5 weeks left!

This weekend, Jeff finally had some time off of work! It was so nice to spend time together and with eachother's families. For the 4th, we saw fireworks with my fam. And the next day we went blueberry picking with his mom. Jeff and I kept mentioning how different next year will be with a 1 year old! So weird to think about. :)

Our finished full pitcher of fresh blueberries! Yum!

33 weeks


So Sweet

I love coming home from work to a package waiting for me! I have had so many things shipped from friends and family especially for the new baby, and it is so fun to unexpectedly receive gifts! The latest package came on Tuesday from my high school bud, Emily. She sent a box full of monogrammed infant clothes and a soft blanket with his name embroidered on it. Here is the baby's initials on the cutest little hat.
I never knew how much I'd love seeing his name.
I want to monogram everything now! :)

Another Baby Shower!

I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. One baby shower after the other... I am overwhelmed by the love that everyone has poured out for the new baby. My best friend, Bryann, put together a lunch with some of our sorority sisters from college. I had such a wonderful afternoon catching up with everyone, eating good food, and painting quilt squares! I love you guys! Thanks Bry!
ADPi girls
Bryann and Arely

Wendy, Me, Shauna, and Jenni

Painting at the table

32 weeks