Family Baby Shower

I had the BEST baby shower this weekend thanks to these two grandmas-to-be. It was so fun to see everyone and I am so grateful for all the perfect gifts that were given with love to the new baby. I can't wait to put everything to use!


Jeff and I went to Disneyland with the Lohman gang on Friday. It was Mom and Dad, Ashley and Jonny were in town from Tennessee, Alex is home for the summer, Aimee danced in the parade that day, and Becca - my future sister-in-law was there. We sent Corey a "wish you were here" postcard to his work. :) I was looking forward to it for weeks and enjoyed the early parts of the day before the exhaustion hit me. It was a HOT, HOT day. But I got to ride The Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, Soarin' Over California... and got to see Aimee dance in the parade. Jeff and I mentioned to eachother that this may have been our last trip to Disneyland as just the two of us. This reality is hitting us more and more lately and we're trying to fully enjoy eachother's company, just as we have for the last 7 years.

The big excitement for the day was Jeff winning his favorite Boardwalk game at California Adventures, Dolphin Derby. He won me and the baby the BIG dolphin, boy was he proud. And boy do I love him. :)

31 weeks



I wished Jeff a Happy Father-To-Be Day with this very sweet 6-12 month shirt for his son. He loved it!

First Baby Shower!

Yesterday was my first baby shower! I had been looking forward to it for weeks, and couldn't believe it was finally here! It was held at my girlfriend Stephenie's house, hosted by Steph and Valerie. All my coworkers and bible study girls gathered together, and we had a blast! Thanks to everyone for making the day so special. I can't stop looking at all the litle boy things I have piled in my room. Love you guys!

Adorable decor...
Yummy food...
Game time!

Loved the cake!

Loved all the little boy things!

Steph and Valerie
Thoughtful party favors

30 weeks



Boy, do I cry a lot! Tears just pour out over every little thing. Sometimes I'll cry due to a a long day at work, but it's usually the most random things that make me sob. Whoever happens to experience the sudden outburst of tears with me, usually just ends up laughing, which helps snap me out of it. The latest incident was at dinner with Jeff and my family - I spent an extensive amount of time picking out the perfect dinner roll and buttering it just right, when it slipped out of my hands and bounced down my boobs... belly... lap... and then hit the floor. I burst into tears and everyone burst into laughter, which of course I joined in on laughing at the situation. Divot ended up with the perfectly butter piece of bread and Jeff helped me recover with a fresh roll. Now on to the next little thing to shed tears over. :)

29 weeks

Now that I am in the third trimester, we have been able to use the prenatal heart monitor that my girlfriend lent me, to listen to the baby. We had so much fun listening to his heartbeat and hiccups - which is an often occurence lately. :)


Lots of Appointments

I have my 30 week doctor's appointment this Thursday. And I'm going every 2 weeks now! I LOVE going to see the doctor! I get to listen to the baby's heartbeat and talk about things to expect for the next couple of weeks. Jeff has gone with me to every appointment so far, and at the last couple we have brought the camera along to snap a few shots while we're waiting to be seen. We always try to be sneaky about it, because of the "no pictures alowed" rule. We haven't been caught yet, but I wonder what the nurses think the flashes of light, that come from underneath the door while we're in there are. :)

We've moved!

We have been living in Orange County for the past 4 years. With this baby coming, we have decided to move back to Riverside County to be close to both of our families who live here. They have all offered their help with the new baby, and we gladly took them up on their generous offer! Jeff and I are still working in Orange County and have been carpooling over the Ortega Highway everyday. The drive's a little longer than we're used to, but we have enjoyed the quality time we have to talk and laugh about life every morning and evening drive - I actually look forward to it. :)

Well, now that we are mostly settled in and have our computer set up, I will be able to update about the pregnancy again... I'm 30 weeks!

Our loving families...

27 weeks