Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

Well, carving pumpkins went WAY better than picking them. :)
Carving with a big family is always the best!

Every year, my family gets together at Jeff's family's house for a giant carving party!

We tried to get a cousin picture...

They were thrilled. :)

We tried.

The hostess and her table of homemade treats!

A little Angels and Yankees never hurt anybody.
Complete with my bro's Angels pumpkin.

Tah dah!


molly june. said...

maaaaaan!! you guys got mad pumpkin skillz!! :) you put our pumpkins to shame! ha! & ewan as nemo?! oh mi lordy!! cuuuute! such a fun tradition! i love your big happy family!

heather said...

so fun!!!! i love the lil pumpkin on the top row 2nd from the left! and i LOVE your tee

Katrina said...

And that little pumpkin you picked out Heather was Ewan's!! Carved with daddy's help. :)