Hi, my name is Katrina, and I wear used clothes.
Not exclusively, mind you. But I never shy away from a good hand-me-down, fun clothes swap, or a great thrift store.
I have read about, and drooled, over other peoples posts about their scores at the thrift stores.
Well, I scored at the "designer" thrift store yesterday, and am still giddy about it today!
Citizens of Humanity jeans + Hudson jeans + Vans for Ewan = $26
Perfect size, perfect condition, perfect timing... just waiting for us to find them.
I'm a happy girl. :)


Felicia and Brandon said...

OMG! Tiny Vans... so cute! Did you go to Urban Exchange? I need go this weekend!

heather said...

awesome!!! i love a good thrift score!! have you heard about swapmamas.com

Katrina said...

Yes! Urban Exchange! My favorite secret spot... well not so secret anymore. :)

And SwapMamas... amazing! I haven't heard of it, but checked it out immediately. Looks like so much fun! Thanks Heather!

Bryann said...

i still have credit at urban exchange, thanks for reminding me!

brizzle145 said...

That's a GREAT deal. Where is this place?