busted trip

And scene...
Take 1: Excited! On our way to the pumpkin patch!
Take 2: Rushing. Late to meet my family and pick up Jeff's mom.
Take 3: Very late. Running out the door. Ewan trips, cheek first into the wall.
Black and blue lump forms. Bitten bloody lip. Sitting by door with screaming baby and ice pack on swelling cheek.
Take 4: Finally get in car. Mommy and daddy argue. Gets heated.
Mommy pours water bottle on daddy (to cool off of course). Daddy pours remaining water bottle on mommy.
Take 5: Get out of car at pumpkin patch, soaking wet. Get baby out, with busted face.
Take 6: Proceed to take smiley loving family photos at beautiful pumpkin patch.

Ewan found mommy's pumpkin...
Then found his very own just-my-size pumpkin.

Family time.
Horsey time.

Daddy time.

Corn maze time. Things are lookin up for us.

Then... Ewan runs fast... around the corner... screams are heard...
Whad'ya know. He fell on his bruised cheek. Again. Now scraped and bleeding. Fun.

Time to go home.

Ewan in all his busted up boy glory. :)
What's with all the bummer pumpkin patch trips this year Molly and Sarah? :)


Felicia and Brandon said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Love the water bottle part! :D

brizzle145 said...

I've been guilty of the water bottle too. Love the honesty! You guys still look cute even with bruises and all wet! :)

molly june. said...

this is the best!! i don't know what i have against pumpkin patches, but they never end up being as sweet as the pictures! by the time i'm done, my allergies are going nuts from the hay, the kids are dirty & whining, &...you get it! ha! love the water bottle thing though! i'll hafta try that next time tim needs a cool down ;) xo.

Sarah Elwer said...

You crack me up! I just read your "scenes" to my husband and he was laughing too! We like the water bottle part for sure! And yeah, I have no clue what the deal is with the pumpkin patches this year! But it's kind of funny when you step away from it all :)

Diane said...

great photos, and cute story :)