We're baaaaack!

And recovering.
I'm having fun sorting through our souvenirs and pictures... all 623 of them. :) I'll catch you up as soon as I have the energy.
If we're FB "friends", I've uploaded a handful of pictures there. Then I got tired.
Time to dump the sand from the suitcases and do laundry... :)

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the adventures of the amazing melinda said...

Hi! It's Melinda (Molly's bud-hee!) Just wanted to drop by and say hello for stoppin by my blog! I feel like I'm a part of the circle now! Usually it's just Molly that comments!! So, I thought I'd better let ya know I was excited to see another face!...I've gotta be honest (hope it's not weird, but I think it's normal for bloggers?!) when I saw your picture, you looked familiar, because!...Molly showed me the video of you two announcing you were pregnant a while back! I was crying I was so excited, and I didn't even know you!! So today I scrolled down and checked out your blog and saw the video you posted a few weeks ago!...I cried! You just have an amazing family! And then I laughed at the end, you two look like you have alot of fun memories together!! And I totally remembered you! Your smile shows the happiness and true joy you have for your family!
Yeah-so, hope all that wasn't creepy??!! But, like I said I think that's kinda normal if you blog?!...All that to say-Thanks for droppin by!!!