Day 1

I'm gonna break up our week in Hawaii by day... easier. Here we go!
Day 1 was big... Ewan's first plane flight! I was nervous, but shouldn't have been. He did great! We tested Benedryl on him the day before. It was a no go. Wouldn't you guess that my child would be in the minority of kids that have the opposite reaction to the medicine... hyperactivity. Of course. So we just brought books, a magna doodle (big hit!), bunny, and a borrowed DVD player (also a lifesaver!). He watched Blue's Clues, napped, played with the lady in the seat next to us... it was perfect. I was worried for nothing. :)
However, I did have a minor meltdown that day...
I forgot my wedding rings. FORGOT THEM! I noticed my empty ring finger in the car on the way to LAX. There was no turning back at that point. I couldn't believe I forgot my rings the week of our anniversary. Good news... I got a new one in Hawaii. Just a little wood ring. It was perfect. I was happy. :)
We arrived at my grandparents house that evening around 8ish. They had dinner waiting for us. So sweet. Then off to bed to battle the jet lag and rest up for the busy busy week ahead.

Thanks for the headphones Bry! Ewan loved them, and I even used them while he slept. :)

Thumbs up!

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