The whirlwind of a weekend felt like a mini vacation.
Spent lots of much needed together time with Jeff while he was off work.
I made breakfast 3 days in a row!
That's impressive considering I'm not a breakfast maker or eater.
But I'll do anything for Jeff and for the sake of the holidays. :)
Up first, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
In our jammies. Eating breakfast. :)

Then dinner at my parent's house,
when we also take my mom's family Christmas card picture every year.

Then on to Jeff's parent's house for dessert and games.
Hung out with this Missourian, yay!
Jeff's brother, Ewan's scary Uncle.
He'll warm up to you by Christmas, Alex. :)
We took the Lohman family picture too, while he was in town.
But everybody's family pics will be revealed in their cards.
After Thanksgiving dessert,
lost miserably to the boys at Guesstures.
But dominated in a round of Spoons!
Saturday, got to see Stephanie Edwards (returning to the Rose parade this year)
speak at my mother-in-laws church's Christmas luncheon.

Lunched with the Lohman ladies.

Sunday... church with Sammy and Abby. Ahem, princess Abby. :)

Got the Christmas boxes out.

Saw the snowfall at the mall.
The lovely, grainy framed pics are all cell phone shots.

And came home with a Christmas tree.

to round out a perfect Thanksgiving weekend,
I won a giveaway!!.

From this lovable mom of a circus,
who is sending me Rudy the Reindeer from the adorable Izzy's Friends.
Thanks Izzy and Heather!
Hope everyone had a very very, happy happy Thanksgiving.
We sure did. :)


heather said...

he is on the way!!!

bananachick said...

Congratulations on the win!! I'm going to get Rudy out to you very soon. Rudy has button eyes, but I can easily replace them with embroidered eyes for your little one's safety. Please send me an email and let me know if you'd like me to do that.
Rheanna at Izzy's Friends

Colin, Mindie and Kellen Lee said...

I love how creative your blog is! The added notes on the pictures and the fun designs of the photos are super cool. I should take a blog design lesson from you! :-P