Our big group for the day...
Jeff's entire family was able to make it!
And Aimee joined the group after she danced in the parade.
Rode some rides...

Ewan was not a big fan of the rides on this particular day.
Sure makes for some cute pictures though. :)

Cousins! With their matching Dumbos.
This was Violet's first trip to Disneyland!
She rode her first ride, and got her first pair of ears.
I'm a big fan of firsts, and was happy to be a part of my niece's big day. :)

We caught both parades at both parks...
with Auntie Aimee as Dory!

And had fun watching the Small World Light Show.

We tried to capture the beautiful snowy castle at every angle of the park.

The best part of the day...
Annual Passes!
Thank you to Jef'f's parents for the Christmas present that will keep on giving all year long.
Can't WAIT to go again! And again... and again... :)


Bryann said...

so much FUN! I heart Disneyland, hopefully we can go with you and Ewan soon!

Becca said...

SO cute! Sorry I still haven't emailed you the pics on my camera. I promise to do it today. :-)

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...
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Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

It was my comment that was deleted cause I'm a moron! But anyway.. just saying hi! Thanks for dropping a line!