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Have you ever been so sick you hallucinate? Jeff informed me that inbetween sleep, I demanded that he to take me to the hospital because I wanted an IV and Xray, and if he didn't, I would just walk.
I am finally up and about, outta bed today. Happy to have Ewan home for the first day since Wednesday, when I left him with my mom to head to the doctor. I'm thinkin' after all this, I need a tshirt that says "H1N1 Survivor"... not to mention the bronchitis I battled as well. :) Jeff caught the bug for a couple days, but HALLELUJAH Ewan has not gotten sick. Sanitizing round the clock hoping to keep it that way.
In the spirit of the new year, we have taken on Ali's word challenge once again, as we did last year. I'd like to share that Jeff and I have declared our word for the year to be healthy! Cheers to a healthy (rest of) 2010!


Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!
I survived it in October and it took two weeks for me to feel back to myself. Bronchitis and all! Next time send have someone email me and I'll make you soup!

Bryann said...

You text messaged me that you were going to walk to the hospital also :) Glad you are feeling better, after all someone has a birthday tomorrow ;)

Sarah said...

What a praise that Even didn't get sick!
I am glad you are doing much better! ;)
That video you just posted is too funny! Thanks for the laugh.