double your fun

Happy 27th and 31st to us!

Two sickies on their birthdays. A good time. :)
At least we danced it up in Vegas a couple weeks ago...

Hehe. Becca and I tired hard to pump up the excitement. :)


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to the two of you!

molly june. said...

ahh, sick birthdays. boo to that. hope it was a lil' happy!

that video is awesome..haa..the boys dont even acknowledge you girls..classic! (first they act all cool & collected, but they always end up bustin' a move in the end, right?)

p.s. saw your cute sister! think i embarrassed her :) i was like, "you're a gorria, huh?" & then i had to explain to my friend that you all have the same "look"..totally beautiful..your whole family.

the end.