Love My...

...pool toys! Ewan loves the pool, especially with his toys.
When we don't make it to the big pool, we play "pool" at home during our nightly bathtime routine.

His farmer's tan is ridiculous!
Oh, the things we do for fun around here. :)


molly june. said...

oh man! this cracks me up! hahaa! i love it!! :D

Sarah Elwer said...

Oh my gosh! You are so creative! This totally made me laugh, but it does look like he really is having a great time!

Corey and Becca said...

Too cute! I loved my picture message the other day!!!!

Bryann said...

He's not the only one with a farmers tan, you should see Sammy's farmer tan! He looks like he's wearing white shorts :) You are so creative with the pool toys in the bath! I have never even thought of that :)