We love 'em! Especially when we get to pick 'em!
This is our newest tradition for the 4th of July weekend, and this was both Ewan and Violet's first year. Although, Ewan was somewhat with us last year. :)

The family scouring the bushes. It's quite the competition.

It got hot. And someone got tired.

What a difference a year makes...



I just realized the pink hat has made it with us 2 years in a row now! Funny.


JackieandSteve said...

These photos are great! Your a pretty good photographer missy.. Is there anything you CAN'T do?? Btw, what program do you use to edit your photos..?

Katrina said...

Thanks Jackie! No program here. These photos come straight off the camera to the blog. All the credit goes to the awesome Sony Cybershot we have, and it's amazing on-camera editing features!