New baby!

Ewan is officially a cousin! And Jeff and I are so excited to be Uncle and Aunt... finally! Congratulations to Jonny and Ashley, proud parents of beautiful baby girl, Violet Anne Taft. Ashley was admitted to the hospital Sunday night and Violet was born Monday around 4pm, after hours of pushing and then a c-section. I got to peek and take pictures of Violet through the nursery window, but I will leave the picture posting to Ashley so she can be the one to officially introduce her daughter to everyone. Due to the c-section and visitor rules, I have yet to see Ashley or hold my niece! I can hardly wait to see the 3 of them!


Corey and Becca said...

Oh thanks Katrina- make me feel bad for already posting pictures of Violet!

Corey and Becca said...

Well as long as it was directed at me- how funny!! :)
I got worried for a second!
Hopefully we will see you tonight. :-)

Sarah Elwer said...

ha ha - you got me! I have been checking online all day to see if you would post pictures! Jenny says she's got a full head of hair and is so cute - but good for you for letting mama have the first shot at pictures (and good for Becca for letting me have a little look!)

Corey and Becca said...

It's also funny we both put the baby's name in purple... Must be Violet thing?!?!