Honey Bunny

...one of the many nicknames I have for Ewan.

And funny story...
Last night, after Ewan fell asleep in his crib, I carefully pulled bunny out from under him and threw him in the washer, as I do every week or so. However, things didn't go as smoothly last night as they usual do. Ewan woke up an hour later, screaming, clawing to find bunny in the crib, in the dark. I ran to pat him back to sleep. No luck. No luck for over an hour!
I gave Ewan every other stuffed anumal we have in the house. Specifically ones that have the same type of fur as bunny trying to "pull one over" on him.
Nope. Didn't work.
By midnight, I finally handed him a soaking wet bunny, washed and clean mind you, but no time to dry. Ewan was relieved. And fell asleep within minutes. Made me think... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO IF WE EVER LOSE BUNNY?!
But I can't think like that...
It will NEVER happen...
Must think happy thoughts... :)
Ewan and bunny are currently napping together right now.


Bryann said...

I still have my baby elephant that i LOVED when I was a baby. He's in the rafters currently but hopefully Ewan will store bunny in a box in the rafters some day ;) I can't believe he liked it wet! Too funny.

Corey and Becca said...

Don't worry!!!
I still have my baby blanket- yes the one that my dad pulled out of the bag during his speech at our wedding!!!

Katrina said...

I remember that Becca. :)
I'm not worried that he has a favorite, just worried if we ever lose it!

Anonymous said...

i know what it is like with out his bunny because i can never go to sleep with out my build-a-bear right next to me i got for my 10th b-day.