A Bisquick Breakfast

Chocolate Almond Scones and Blueberry Pancakes. Gotta love Bisquick!

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Family Sellers said...

Wait! How do you manage to cook so clean! My stove would have a few dribbles of pancake batter from my little helpers. Doesn't Ewan help yet?

Corey and Becca said...

Yummy! SO when can I come over for breakfast!?! :-)

Katrina said...

The messy part is on the right counter where the bowl of batter is that you can't see. :)

Becca- anytime. :)

Chris Thomas said...

Where's the Bud Light can? You don't drink that while making breakfast? : )

Katrina said...

Really Chris... Bud Light... come on. My dad would be insulted. :)