If it wasn't already obvious, orange is my favorite color. And for now, it's Ewan's favorite color because I get to choose what he wears. :) Here he is rockin his Hurley shirt from Auntie Felicia. I was able to get my hands on my mom's camera yesterday ("Things I'd like to do"... see previous post) and get a picture of his newly showing, top teeth coming in.

He was also rockin the elmo diapies. :)

Top teeth. Ouch!

Bottom 2, while we're at at.

This kid loves his bottle. I stopped nursing him a few weeks ago because he much preferred his baba over mommy.

Down to the orange striped tennies people.


BBKiddo said...

Hi Katrina, not sure if I've commented on your blog before. It's Amanda from highschool. Go flutes :)
Just wanted to say I love your blog and Ewan is just about the cutest kid I've ever seen! So happy for you guys :)

Jonny and Ashley said...

He looks huge. Can't wait till he fits into those vans (i think they were vans) that Felicia got for him. Cause those were SO cute.